What we do

Established in 2009, Robertson Collaborate is an independent strategic marketing and digital consultancy based in Scotland.

We help clients grow their business

The core of our proposition is aligning your business strategy with the right marketing to achieve your business goals. By knowing your business, purpose, and business model, we can set the marketing and digital foundations for your growth. And help you deliver it.

What challenges do you help solve?
  • How to grow your revenue and guidance through that process
  • How to become customer-led
  • How to embrace digital innovation
  • How to find the right partners to support your strategic plan’s delivery
  • How to evaluate the effectiveness of your business’ marketing and digital efforts
What do we get from working with you?
  • Clarity over how to work towards marketing strategy, analysis, planning and execution
  • Experienced hands guiding you through the process of building your marketing foundations, structure and executing your plans
  • Plain English speakers who will demystify any technical jargon, especially around digital marketing
  • Proven marketing frameworks and methodologies
  • With a never-ending list of options, guidance on the best marketing channels, techniques and tools for your business
  • Support in finding the right marketing partners for branding, web development or PR and more, with the peace of mind of knowing that those partners have a track record of success with us
Can you help us find an agency?

Yes. After your strategy and plan are in place, the next step is often finding the right partner agency or agencies to work with. Not all agencies are the same, and we can recommend who we think will meet your requirements, budget and be the best fit for you. We can also help write agency briefs and guide you through a tender process.

We have an agency – do we also need a consultant?

Often we find companies are following the advice of their marketing agency/ies but don’t feel like they have the know-how to properly brief the agency or assess their performance, in particular whether the agency is making the best use of their budget. We are an independent set of eyes to help guide you and evaluate what you have in place.

What won’t you do for us?
  • We won’t design your brand
  • We won’t build your website
  • We won’t tweet for you
  • We won’t contact the press for you
  • We won’t create Google ads for you
  • We won’t build your customer relationship management system. However, we can advise you on who could do these for you and direct that whole process with you and your internal team and with any external partners if wanted.

Don’t think you can afford us?

The majority of small and even micro-businesses are pleased to discover they can. That’s because we offer a snapshot marketing review to those on a tight budget. It’s also suitable for those who just want some punchy high-level advice. We shrink our full marketing planning process into one easy-to-access piece of advice that can make a real difference in kick-starting your marketing.

The way forward

We can work together in whichever way suits you – as your outsourced “marketing director” or to provide support to your existing in-house marketer. Following the creation of a plan, we can work with your business one day a week or a month or whatever is required to deliver it. A short burst of independent advice can really make a difference in growing your business. If you are a larger business, we can bolster your existing marketing team, bringing a fresh pair of eyes to your operation or supporting you through a one-off project. And we can work with you virtually as an extended part of your team.