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Privacy Policy

Robertson Collaborate is committed to treating any personal information you supply to it fairly, securely and with respect, in line with the Data Protection Act.  

  • Robertson Collaborate may collect certain information about you from your registration and use of its site, as well as from any email communication or surveys with you. When you use this site, Robertson Collaborate may also use cookies and store information about your visit. 
  • Robertson Collaborate will use the information to contact you about its relevant services and marketing, if you have asked it to do so, for internal client research purposes and to help it monitor and improve its website and services. All data collected will be kept confidential and handled carefully by Robertson Collaborate to ensure your privacy is protected. 
  • The information about you will not be passed on to third parties, unless you have specifically agreed to this or unless Robertson Collaborate is obliged to by law.
  • While Robertson Collaborate includes links to other third-party websites on its website, those websites are not covered by Robertson Collaborate’s Privacy Policy. Robertson Collaborate does not take any responsibility for the treatment of information you provide to those third-party sites.
  • If, at any time, Robertson Collaborate wishes to use your information in a way not covered in this policy, it will ask your permission to do so and will only proceed if it receives that permission. 
  • You can request for Robertson Collaborate to delete or modify the data it holds on you at any time. Also, if you wish to stop receiving communications from Robertson Collaborate, email info@robertsoncollaborate.co.uk writing ‘unsubscribe’ in the subject line, and Robertson Collaborate will update its records accordingly.

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