Ongoing support

Ongoing marketing
and support

Every business’ needs are different, and our flexible approach makes sure your plan is delivered in the right way for your business, whether you need light-touch strategic digital guidance or a dedicated virtual “marketing director”.

    Project delivery

    In our experience, we find a blend of the marketing being “owned” by the client with our continuous oversight works well. In most cases, because we have delivered a plan, we know the project goals and objectives, so we can guide and direct projects – a happy-hybrid model that works for most organisations. In this role, as a project gets off the ground, we:


    • Are involved in relevant client and agency meetings
    • Provide best practice advice, opinion and direction
    • Challenge any ideas or suggestions while always being focused on your best interests
    • Deal with unforeseen challenges as they arise

    When we work with an agency to deliver the project, they will often run ideas past us before presenting them to you. Agencies we work with do this to put their best foot forward with the client, saving you time in your busy day.

    We can also help you with the recruitment of inhouse marketing roles, including the creation of job descriptions and support in the recruitment process.

    Retained consultancy

    For clients looking for a deeper, longer-term relationship, we offer a retained service. Growing businesses often face similar challenges and opportunities, and we bring our business experience and an independent, fresh perspective to help clients develop.

    A retained outsourced marketing director service gives you access to skills you may otherwise be unable to fund or benefit from. The time can be used on strategy, digital transformation and innovation or overseeing the delivery of marketing campaigns and ad-hoc strategic projects.

    Whether one day per month or more, we build a deeper understanding of your market, business and the team. We work collaboratively with you and your team to sustain growth.