What is modern marketing?

When businesses approach us for support, they are almost always doing so to grow and retain their customer base and sell more of their product and service. And that’s what we do: work to your goals, aims and objectives and help you increase revenue by creating a marketing strategy and action plan.

What is effective marketing?

In the post-digital age, effective marketing blends digital and classical marketing. It is known as the Modern Marketing Model (M3), introduced in 2017 by Ashley Freidlein, the founder of Econsultancy, the world’s leading community where digital marketing and ecommerce professionals meet to sharpen their strategy.

Introducing M3 – Modern Marketing Model

Embracing the latest thinking, each segment is considered when we develop a marketing strategy and plan. Combined with our commercial mindset, we know the rigorous framework of M3 helps ensure best practice methodology for supporting every client.

M3 (Modern Marketing Model) created by Econsultancy
Modern Marketing Model M3, marketing, Robertson Collaborate

We’ll consider the following when developing a marketing plan for you:


Marketing Strategy

How is your marketing going to help deliver on your business strategy? Aligned to your business’ purpose, goals and objectives, our approach is a mixture of deep-thought and coherent actions, and is often as much about what you don’t do as it is about what you do.


Market/Customer Orientation

Are you adequately aligned to this market and capable of succeeding in it, and is the approach customer-centric? In other words, it should be coming from a customer/market viewpoint rather than driven by having a product you think you can sell.

Customer Insight

Who are your customers, and what are their needs and expectations? Through qualitative and quantitative market research and primary and secondary data sources, we can help you answer these essential questions. For in-depth work, we’ll help you find a specialist research agency.



How do you convey what your brand is about, what it offers, and the benefits? We use April Dunford’s Obviously Awesome framework to help many companies deliberately define how they are the best at something that a defined market cares a lot about.

Segmentation & Targeting

Which market segments should you be targeting?  We’ll help you map out the market landscape to see how it breaks down into different segments, and then choose and define the segments to target with your marketing.

Brand & Value

Every brand has a personality, and if you’re in charge of your brand, it’s crucial to figure out what that personality is and how to communicate it consistently across all touchpoints, from seeing to hearing and smell, touch and taste. We love and are guided by Simon Sinek’s seminal book Start with Why.


Data & Measurement

What data do you need to support your marketing? How do you measure and optimise performance? We will help you manage your marketing data, including advice on best practice data protection. For specialist advice, we’ll help you find an expert.

Integrated Marketing Communications

What mix of marketing channels and tactics are needed to communicate your message? The options are many, from traditional to digital, so you need to be innovative and be ready to test, measure and learn.


Is your product or service available to your customers where they are? How does your customer buy goods and how could you make the process easier? We have worked with clients to improve partner programmes, switch from partnering to direct-to-consumer and seek the right online marketplace.

Customer Experience

Do you understand the customer journey across all channels? We can help you map and measure it to bring about improvements. We also like to experience and test our clients’ products and services – and, where possible, we put ourselves through your customer buying journey.