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Strategic marketing planning

Every business needs to get its marketing right to succeed. Robertson Collaborate’s marketing planning process can help you and your business focus on the marketing you need and how to deliver it. 

The plan will include the essential areas to increase sales:

  • How to acquire new customers and sell to them
  • How to sell more to your existing customers
  • How to retain customers and keep on selling to them

How to ready a business for successful owner or investor exit may be part of the plan.



The marketing plan's focus

Promotional plans for business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) could include an integrated blend of traditional and digital marketing activities, such as: building or evolving a desirable brand or rebrand, website creation or enhancements, getting found on Google (SEO) including search marketing and content marketing, social media using tools such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube and outreach marketing.

Plans may also include coverage in the media and advertising, including PR, email and direct mail marketing campaigns, events such as customer seminars, workshops, exhibitions and promotional evenings, sales brochure creation, customer newsletters and other copy-writing and editing, building strategic alliances, affiliate relationships and personal selling.


Our process

Any business needs to get its marketing right to succeed. Robertson Collaborate's marketing planning process can help your business focus on the marketing it needs and how to deliver it.

  • Information Gathering: Understand the current scenario and desired outcomes aligned to you and your business goals and objectives.
  • Research and Analysis: Undertake market and competitive analysis and review any existing marketing and online presence.
  • Innovation: Identify new ways of doing things or solve problems.
  • Recommendations: Review the recommendations and gain approval from stakeholders.  If required, help develop a business model to forecast commercial performance.
  • Action Plan: Finalise 12 Month Action Plan with immediate priorities identified.
  • Plan Actioned: Execute, measure and evaluate 12 Month Action Plan.

The outcome

Making the plan work and bringing about a healthy return on your marketing investment is then all down to the order the plan is done in and how it is carried out – a part-art, part-science approach. The plan will consist of a set of recommendations with measurable performance metrics.  And the detail makes all the difference to a successful plan; we will keep you right on all of this. Where specialist support is required in a particular area, we will recommend trusted partners specialising in for example web development, digital marketing or PR to you. It takes the right people, with the right know-how to make it all happen.

And it need not stop there.  With our ongoing support services we help our clients to navigate the execution of the marketing plan, building virtual teams or working closely with your in-house team.  

To learn more about the difference clients say we are making to their organisations, please see our case studies.

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