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COVID-19 support

We provide an outsourced "marketing director" service helping businesses survive and plan ahead in the current climate. We have experience in most commercial sectors, helping clients with marketing planning and strategy and guiding them through delivery. While these are difficult times for many, we know there are ways forward, having launched this business during the last recession and successfully helped a triple-figure number of businesses since then.

Currently, we are working with longstanding clients to help ensure their businesses come out of the pandemic positively. We are also supporting a business that is rapidly scaling up part of its offering as a result of the crisis.

We have been following global best practice on COVID-19 from a marketing perspective since the pandemic moved to Europe, and are implementing this with businesses we are supporting.

The process

The first step working with you is understanding your goals based on the here and now. Then we can:

  • Review your existing approach to any aspect of marketing since COVID-19. If you’re yet to develop one, we can advise on approaches to take. We will also review your approach pre the pandemic.
  • Help ensure you retain your existing customers and help you potentially unlock any untapped markets or identify opportunities to pivot.
  • Take you through things to consider to ensure you are doing all you can to engage with existing and prospective customers effectively.
  • Review and give constructive feedback on your digital presence – the main way businesses are able to showcase themselves in this socially distanced era.
  • Help you make decisions on what to do with your marketing budget, including whether to reduce or reallocate it.

The output of our work together will be a list of marketing actions to implement in a logical order, giving you confidence about next steps.

Please contact us by email or give us a call to see if we can help your business impacted by COVID-19.


Robertson Collaborate Infographic for all you need to know on 1 page. Download here.