Marketing and digital strategy and planning

Every business needs to get its marketing right to succeed. Robertson Collaborate’s marketing and digital strategy and planning process can help you and your business focus on the marketing you need and how to deliver it.

Our approach

Our approach is a mixture of deep-thought and coherent actions and is often as much about what you don’t do as it is about what you do. The plan will cover the essential areas of:

  • How to acquire new customers and sell to them
  • How to retain customers and keep on selling to them

Our process

Underpinned by the leading marketing methodology from Econsultancy, Modern Marketing Model, Robertson Collaborate’s marketing planning process can help your business focus on the marketing it needs and how to deliver it.

  • Information Gathering: Understand the current scenario and desired outcomes aligned to your business purpose and goals.
  • Research and Analysis: Undertake market and competitor analysis, understand your target audience, and review existing marketing and online presence.
  • Innovation: Identify better or new ways of doing things or solve problems using proven frameworks and methodologies.
  • Recommendations: Review and gain approval from stakeholders. If required, help develop a business model to forecast commercial performance.
  • Action Plan: Finalise 12-Month Action Plan with immediate priorities identified.
  • Plan Actioned: Execute, measure and evaluate.

The marketing plan’s focus

Promotional marketing plans for business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) could include an integrated blend of traditional and digital marketing activities, such as building or evolving a desirable brand or rebrand, website creation or enhancements, getting found on Google (SEO) including search marketing and content marketing, and social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

Plans may also include coverage in the media and advertising, including PR, setting up email and direct mail marketing campaigns, events such as customer seminars, workshops, exhibitions and promotional evenings, sales brochure creation, customer newsletters and other copywriting and editing, and building strategic alliances, affiliate relationships and personal selling with a powerful customer relationship management system (such as Capsule CRM or Salesforce) put in place.

We’ll help you find the right partners to deliver it. You might outsource much of your marketing or manage it in-house or a hybrid of the two – which is often the way. We’ll help you figure out what’s best based on your ambitions, budget and resource.

The outcome

Making the plan work and bringing about a healthy return on your marketing investment is then all down to the order the plan is done in and how it is carried out – a part-art, part-science approach.

The plan will consist of a set of recommendations and indicate measurable performance metrics. And the detail makes all the difference to a successful plan; we’ll will keep you right on all of this. Where specialist support is needed, we’ll recommend trusted partners specialising in, for example, web development, digital marketing or PR. It takes the right people with the right know-how to make it all happen.

And it need not stop there. With our ongoing support services, we can help you navigate the marketing plan’s execution, building virtual teams or working closely with your in-house team.

Don’t want a full plan?

Our Snapshot Review is a quick and easy way to start marketing your business. After an initial chat, we put our thinking caps on and create recommendations that help you to achieve your goals. With clear, practical actions to follow, you’ll have confidence in your next marketing steps.


"Robertson Collaborate has proved to be an invaluable resource; just like having our own marketing department! Catherine is wonderfully approachable and firmly and quickly grasped our brand and business model."

Jane Adams
Co-Owner, Beam Orthodontics

“With John’s support it was clear what we needed to do from day one. Working with clear direction and simple frameworks meant we are focussed on the short-term goals of raising brand awareness and generating broker leads whilst at the same time putting in place the sales and marketing foundations for a scaleable operation.”

Fraser Edmond
CEO, Broker Insights

"We were very impressed by Catherine's professional and straightforward approach. She had obviously done a lot of groundwork prior to our meeting and clearly understood our brand and its place in the market."

Lynne Henderson
Owner, Urban Quarters

Case Studies

Please see our case studies to hear what our clients say about the difference we are making to their organisations.

Chroma Ventures Logo

Chroma Ventures

Chroma Ventures is an investment company which aims to channel flexible capital into a range of businesses with high growth potential. Robertson Collaborate provided marketing support to Chroma Ventures during their launch.

Beam Orthodontics

With its cutting edge and innovative practice, Beam has changed the face of orthodontistry in Scotland. Building on its excellent clinical service and patient care, Beam has grown rapidly and its marketing has been driven by Robertson Collaborate for over a decade.

Broker Insights

Broker Insights is a high-growth insurtech start-up. Its data and distribution platform acts as a digital marketplace connecting UK brokers and insurers. Working with Robertson Collaborate, it has put in place solid marketing foundations for launch and its growth.

Scott Brothers Butchers

Scott Brothers is a family-run butchers with three shops across Dundee and over 75 staff. Robertson Collaborate has worked with them to successfully build a B2C ecommerce butchers business serving both the national UK and local consumer markets.

Water’s Edge

Robertson Collaborate was outsourced “marketing director” for Tayforth Properties’ Water’s Edge development project, where Dundee’s oldest transit shed, known as Shed 25, was transformed into a new standard of workplace by Tayforth owners Chris van der Kuyl and Paddy Burns.

Thorntons Family Law

Thorntons Law is one of the largest independent full service legal firms in Scotland. Robertson Collaborate worked closely with the Thorntons Family Law team to shape its strategic direction, particularly for its online presence.