Digital transformation

Digital is now part of every customer experience, and expectations are higher than ever. Robertson Collaborate’s digital transformation service helps you to recognise this and adapt to these new dynamics.

Our approach

Our approach accelerates your digital thinking and builds capabilities, enabling sustained digital innovation. The plan will cover the essential areas of:

  • How to acquire new customers and deliver new value to them
  • How to engage with customers and keep on selling to them

    Our process

    Robertson Collaborate’s digital transformation process can help your business prepare for the future.

    • Information Gathering: Understand the current scenario and desired outcomes and align them to your business purpose and goals.
    • Research and Analysis: Undertake digital maturity and capability analysis.
    • Innovation: Find better or new ways of doing things or solve problems using proven client-led frameworks.
    • Recommendations: Review and gain approval from stakeholders.
    • Action Plan: Finalise your transformation plan with immediate priorities identified.
    • Plan Actioned: Execute, measure and evaluate.

    The digital transformation plan’s focus

    Digital transformation is the process of using technology to create new or change existing business processes, capabilities, and customer journeys to meet changing business and market needs. The focus of our approach is delivering new experiences and value to new and existing customers.

    Each project varies, from broad knowledge and capability building to narrow, one-off projects. For example, in B2B, as sales and marketing converge and move to an account-based selling model, it might involve how to optimise the buying journey from the first touch to final sale. Or, it might be exploring new products or business model opportunities, such as marketplaces that have disrupted most B2C sectors and increasingly are impacting B2B businesses.

    For more strategic initiatives, typically, business strategy and digital transformation interplay with innovation. As part of the process, we often look at why innovation is essential to your business, where you are today and how you can develop capability. And, by looking into your previous activities, you can start to understand your strengths and weaknesses and use innovation frameworks to identify gaps. With these types of projects, the goal is to build capabilities for sustained innovation.

    The outcome

    Making the plan work is all down to the order the plan is done in and how it is carried out – a part-art, part-science approach. The plan will consist of a set of recommendations and indicate measurable performance metrics. And the detail makes all the difference to a successful plan; we’ll keep you right on all of this. And it need not stop there. With our ongoing support services, we help our clients navigate the plan’s execution.

    Where specialist support is required in a particular area, we’ll recommend trusted partners specialising in, for example, web development, digital marketing or PR to you. It takes the right people, with the right know-how to make it all happen.


    Don’t want a full plan?

    Our Snapshot Review is a quick and easy way to start marketing your business. After an initial chat, we put our thinking caps on and create recommendations that help you to achieve your goals. With clear, practical actions to follow, you’ll have confidence in your next marketing steps.


    “Thank you John for the work you’ve done, and the content and focus you provided. Your contribution to bringing clarity to our thinking in a relatively short period has been extremely valuable.”

    Craig Nicol
    Joint-Managing Partner, Thorntons

    “For businesses looking to grow and transform digitally, John has a rare combination of skills and experience that will undoubtedly deliver results.”

    Chris Van der Kuyl
    Principal, Chroma Ventures

    Case Studies

    Please see our case studies to hear what our clients say about the difference we are making to their organisations.

    Chroma Ventures Logo

    Chroma Ventures

    Chroma Ventures is an investment company which aims to channel flexible capital into a range of businesses with high growth potential. Robertson Collaborate provided marketing support to Chroma Ventures during their launch.

    Beam Orthodontics

    With its cutting edge and innovative practice, Beam has changed the face of orthodontistry in Scotland. Building on its excellent clinical service and patient care, Beam has grown rapidly and its marketing has been driven by Robertson Collaborate for over a decade.

    Broker Insights

    Broker Insights is a high-growth insurtech start-up. Its data and distribution platform acts as a digital marketplace connecting UK brokers and insurers. Working with Robertson Collaborate, it has put in place solid marketing foundations for launch and its growth.

    Scott Brothers Butchers

    Scott Brothers is a family-run butchers with three shops across Dundee and over 75 staff. Robertson Collaborate has worked with them to successfully build a B2C ecommerce butchers business serving both the national UK and local consumer markets.

    Water’s Edge

    Robertson Collaborate was outsourced “marketing director” for Tayforth Properties’ Water’s Edge development project, where Dundee’s oldest transit shed, known as Shed 25, was transformed into a new standard of workplace by Tayforth owners Chris van der Kuyl and Paddy Burns.

    Thorntons Family Law

    Thorntons Law is one of the largest independent full service legal firms in Scotland. Robertson Collaborate worked closely with the Thorntons Family Law team to shape its strategic direction, particularly for its online presence.