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Worldwide Cancer Research
Sectors: B2C, Charities & Non Profit
Location: St Andrews, Fife

Worldwide Cancer Research (formerly known as AICR) holds a unique place in the charity sector as it is the only charity willing to fund research into any type of cancer, anywhere in the world.

Working in a competitive marketplace, the charity has a loyal supporter base but found itself looking for ways to attract a wider range of supporters. Worldwide Cancer Research thoroughly researched and planned its next wave of development, and the marketing team brought in Robertson Collaborate to support them with laying out the planning process. This led to the organisation undertaking a complete rebrand with the support of a creative agency and a new brand was then announced.

"Although we have significant sector expertise and a range of marketing competencies, we thought that bringing in an outside perspective would be beneficial to ensure that we weren't trapped in our own thinking. Working with Robertson Collaborate turned out to be key in this process as it brought a rigorous framework to our planning process as well as forcing us to question some of the assumptions we were making. There is no doubt that our strategic plan is better as a result." 

Jack Cumming, e-Commerce Manager, Worldwide Cancer Research

"There is no doubt that our strategic plan is better as a result." Jack Cumming

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