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TJ Ross
Sectors: B2B, B2C, Ecommerce & Retail
Location: Edinburgh


Long-established family business TJ Ross was going through a period of significant change. It was expanding its workshop due to demand for its high-performance, double-glazed hardwood windows and external doors. It was also opening a high-end studio to the general public in the heart of Edinburgh.

Initially Robertson Collaborate provided overall marketing guidance to the business through Business Gateway Fife. That piece of work recommended all the main areas of marketing that needed to be considered and worked through, and the order in which to tackle them.

The Challenge

The overall marketing guidance provided by Robertson Collaborate had highlighted a number of key areas that needed attention in order to ensure the new studio would attract the right kind of customer to its premium offering. In particular, it became clear that the brand needed careful attention as owner Martin Richardson had long felt that the brand was not quite delivering the impression they wanted to convey. Robertson Collaborate had advised the same and was appointed to guide the business through a process of shortlisting suitable branding partners to build the right online and offline brand, facilitating meetings with them and TJ Ross and helping evaluate which would be most suitable.

From an excellent shortlist TJ Ross selected an agency and immediately went into a full branding process with them with Robertson Collaborate’s support. In just a few short weeks of intensive work a new brand direction had been developed which finally realised the vision Martin and his son and co-director Alyn had long aspired to. They were absolutely delighted and then went with greater confidence into the studio opening supported by the branding agency. The studio opened in late 2018.

The Result

TJ Ross now have a brand that looks and feels and fully reflects the high-quality, high-performance premium products that they craft. This is essential for its ambitious growth plan in order to clearly articulate what the TJ Ross offering is and to attract the right kind of customer.

"TJ Ross were delighted with the rebrand"

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