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Chromacity Lasers
Sectors: B2B, Life Sciences, Start-ups, Technology & Data Science
Location: Edinburgh

A spin-out company from Heriot-Watt University, Chromacity designs and manufactures cost-effective laser systems that are suited to a range of spectroscopic and life-sciences imaging applications and can have an impact in key research issues.  It is building sales of its Spark HP and Spark OPO products, which are disruptive products within the marketplace.

Chromacity already had in place a detailed business plan and strategies of how to attract certain customer groups. Building on this, Robertson Collaborate provided an outsourced “marketing director” service and worked with Chromacity to deliver a strategic marketing plan to guide Chromacity’s business development team in order to continue to build sales within its chosen target markets and help it achieve its high-growth ambitions. Key to the plan’s delivery was identifying and engaging the right marketing support partners to execute the plan and this is now under development.

"Robertson Collaborate were key to helping us understand what steps needed to be taken to outperform our competitors, while working from a tight marketing budget.  Their input has been crucial to our development.  We have an excellent opportunity to grow, if we enact the strategy correctly.”

Dr Christopher Leburn, Managing Director, Chromacity

"Their input has been crucial to our development." Dr Christopher Leburn

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