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Broker Insights
Sectors: B2B, Start-ups, Technology & Data Science
Location: Dundee


Broker Insights is an insurtech start-up founded by Fraser Edmond (CEO) and Iain Crole (EVP), with investment from tech entrepreneurs Chris van der Kuyl and Paddy Burns.  Sandy Cairnie is COO.

Launched in December 2017, Broker Insights merges industry knowledge with technology expertise. The platform unlocks commercial insurance market data. Its approach opens up the market, letting insurers see and brokers be seen, giving each the knowledge they need to transform their relationships.

The Challenge

Broker Insights needed to embed a strong sales and marketing culture from day one, with marketing fully integrated with sales. It needed to develop the brand, grow awareness with its target audience, in particular regional brokers, and ensure an efficient, scale-able marketing operation was put in place. A start-up, with limited resources, it needed to focus on broker sales - early momentum was important.

The Solution

Robertson Collaborate started with the creation of a marketing strategy and action plan. This gave clear direction of the marketing activities to be worked through over the next 12 months in order to put in place solid marketing foundations to launch the business in the UK and generate income. The plan’s development process involved information gathering with Broker Insights and desk-based research, and the recommendations were drawn from 20+ years’ experience in sales and marketing.

Following the adoption of the strategy and action plan, Robertson Collaborate has continued to work with Broker Insights to put in place the sales and marketing foundations, including advising on marketing technology, for example Salesforce CRM system and Mailchimp email platform. This has also involved working closely with the Head of Marketing to develop the brand, company values, website development, lead generation campaigns and communications strategy. In addition, Robertson Collaborate has worked closely with the management team on the sales process and marketing KPIs, and set up the reporting to track and review performance.

The Result

In its first year Broker Insights has won the Scottish Edge 2018 and the Future of Fintech 2018 awards.  With seven major insurers on board and over 100 brokers projected to be signed up at the start of 2019, Broker Insights is revolutionising the commercial insurance market.

Fraser Edmond, CEO, said, “With John’s support it was clear what we needed to do from day one. Working with clear direction and simple frameworks meant we are focussed on the short-term goals of raising brand awareness and generating broker leads whilst at the same time putting in place the sales and marketing foundations for a scale-able operation.”

“With John’s support it was clear what we needed to do from day one." Fraser Edmond

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