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Robertson Collaborate has been working with AUTHOR’s owner, Jane Adams, for many years on another successful business she has grown. It was this proven track record of working together that led Jane to approach Robertson Collaborate in relation to her new start-up venture.

Interior designer Jane has a vision to bring an ecommerce platform of high-end, curated collections of exquisite British-sourced interior pieces to help create homes for life. With Robertson Collaborate deeply involved in supporting other ecommerce clients, acting as their outsourced “marketing director”, it was decided that work with AUTHOR would start with a snapshot marketing review. This work involved market research and competitor analysis, and key marketing essentials were recommended prior to launch. Recommendations/introductions were also made from our network for retail and marketing contacts who could support the business as it grows.

Following the snapshot marketing review, Robertson Collaborate was delighted to continue to support AUTHOR as it developed its marketing plans. During London Design Festival in September 2017 it launched at a private members club, Blacks in Soho, to a packed room of luxury media representatives and high-profile VIP guests. The first piece of coverage was a glowing write-up by The Telegraph's luxury editor. 

“The joy of a start-up is the creation of something new that I have a passion for; so there is ample enthusiasm to carry me forwards, but of course there are finite resources to get things done, let alone getting them done well. Understanding one’s own strengths and weaknesses, and also what one doesn't know, is paramount to the success of any venture and I am a great believer in seeking expert guidance early on. 

Robertson Collaborate have been instrumental in steering AUTHOR through the early stages of its digital journey; flagging the need for detailed planning around active search demand, and handholding through the web build process. I have no doubt that their involvement has saved AUTHOR financially and will result in an end platform far superior to what I would have achieved.” 

Jane Adams, Founder, AUTHOR

 "Robertson Collaborate have been instrumental in steering AUTHOR through the early stages of its digital journey" Jane Adams

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