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What’s it all about?

When businesses approach us for marketing support, they are almost always doing so to grow their customer base and sell more of their product and service.

And that’s what we do: work to your goals, aims and objectives and help you increase revenue through the creation of a marketing strategy and action plan.


What is effective marketing now?

In a post digital age, marketing has evolved significantly. Effective marketing blends digital marketing and classical marketing, and it is known as the Modern Marketing Model (M3), introduced by Ashley Freidlein, founder of Econsultancy in 2017. Econsultancy is arguably the world’s leading community where digital marketing and ecommerce professionals meet to sharpen their strategy.



Introducing M3 - Modern Marketing Model

We embrace this model. Each segment is taken into account when we are developing a marketing strategy. Each segment must be considered in order to bring about success. As marketers embracing this latest thinking and approach, we have a commercial mind-set of growth for each of our clients and we know the rigorous framework M3 gives us helps ensure best practice methodology for supporting every client.

M3 (Modern Marketing Model) created by Econsultancy

We’ll consider the following when developing a marketing plan:


Marketing Strategy

Who is the marketing aimed at, what should it achieve, and how can it be delivered? This includes looking at the business purpose, objectives and key performance indicators (KPIs) the marketing is to help achieve and what budget and resources are needed.




Market/Customer Orientation

Is the approach customer-centric? In other words, it should be coming from a customer/market viewpoint, rather than driven by having some product you think you can sell

Customer Insight

What does market research reveal about your customers? Explore looking into qualitative and quantitative, primary and secondary data sources for information.



How to convey what your brand is about, what it offers and its benefits.

Segmentation & Targeting

Which market segments should you be targeting?  Need to map the market to see how it breaks down into different segments and choose and define the segments to target with the marketing.  

Brand & Value

What unique value does your brand offer? Evaluate the brand equity, and look at how to manage, measure, track and build this.


Data & Measurement

How to manage your marketing data, including privacy and governance issues, and the use of metadata, algorithms and models. Measuring marketing activities enables you to optimise them.

Integrated Marketing Communications

What mix of marketing channels and tactics are needed to communicate your message?


Is your product or service available to your customers where they are?

Customer Experience

Do you understand the customer journey across all channels? Map and measure it to bring about improvements.

To learn more about clients we’ve helped based on the M3 approach, please see our case studies.

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