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Strategic marketing and digital planning

Robertson Collaborate provides marketing and digital strategy and support for growth businesses. As your outsourced “marketing director”, we help you identify the right marketing mix to increase sales through acquiring more customers and retaining them. We create plans and help deliver them too, often using our network of trusted partners.

We serve businesses throughout Dundee, Edinburgh, Fife, Perthshire and Angus.

With years of digital marketing and ecommerce know-how, we understand the importance of a business' online presence and digital strategy. We work with you to create the right customer proposition, help you get found and make the most of your online visitors, turning interest into action.

Robertson Collaborate delivers on its word – helping our clients to increase sales. Every client has expressed a high level of satisfaction with our service

We enable you to market your business better.

How it works

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Our services


Every business needs to get its marketing right to succeed. Robertson Collaborate’s marketing planning process can help you and your business focus on the marketing you need and how to deliver it.


To have a deeper connection with your customers you need a digital strategy.  Robertson Collaborate's digital planning process helps transform your business and make the most of your online visitors, turning interest to action.


Robertson Collaborate works with its clients to make sure action plans are delivered by providing the right level of support, whether it is light-touch strategic guidance or a hands-on virtual marketing director.

Case studies

Water’s Edge

Sector: Business_Support B2B B2C Start-ups
Location: Dundee

Robertson Collaborate was appointed by Tayforth Properties as outsourced “marketing director” for…

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Broker Insights

Sector: B2B Start-ups Technology_and_Data_Science
Location: Dundee


Broker Insights is a high-growth insurtech start-up founded by…

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Thorntons | Marketing Case Study

Sector: Professional_Services B2B
Location: Dundee

Thorntons Law LLP is one of the largest independent full service, legal, property and investment firms…

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Beam | Marketing Case Study

Sector: B2C Healthcare
Location: Dundee

Beam is changing the face of orthodontistry in Scotland. With its cutting edge and innovative practice,…

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